Privileges and Features - description

The Privileges and Features activate different permissions or features within an application.

Read more about how to activate the privileges and features in an application.

* Vehicle Tracker = VT
* Site Admin = SA

General privileges


_BatchEditUsers | Allows using the Batch Edit Users feature inside the VT. 
_BatchImportUsers | Allows importing the users in batches.
_BatchUpdateUsers | Allows to batch update user properties. _CreateUser | Allows creating users.
_DeleteUser | Allows deleting users.
_EditAccumulatorType | Allows editing the accumulator type. Useful for Maintenance plugin. 
_EditApplicationPrivileges | Allows editing the Roles and Privileges.
_EditClickScriptGeofence | Allows adding scripts to Geofencing features. 
_EditCustomField | Allows adding custom fields. 
_EditDeviceMapper | Allows editing Device Mappers. 
_EditDeviceMapperScript | Allows using the Device Mapper Scripting. 
_EditDialogs | Allows accessing to the downward arrow in the upper right corner of many windows, for example, which fields are displayed in the Dispatch window. 
_EditEventRule | Allows editing Event Rules inside the VT application. 
_EditGateEvent | Allows closing alarms. 
_EditSessions | Allows closing sessions of different users logged into the system. 
_EditTags | Allows editing Tags.
_EditUserAccessMask | Allows controlling which fields are visible when editing a user. 
_EditUsername | Allows editing the usernames.
_EditUsers | Allows editing users' properties.
_EditUserTemplates | Allows editing user templates (User Type Editor). 
_ExportVehicleList | Allows exporting the vehicle list from the Vehicle Panel inside the application (top-right menu > Export data).
_EditWebServiceScript | Allows using of web service scripts. 
_ImportTemplate | Allows to import templates (Event Rules, Geofences, Reports) 
_ReadData | Allows reading vehicle data. This privilege is needed for a user to be able to receive emails and use reports. 
_ReadMessageFields | Allows selecting which GpsGate Variables will be listed.
_ReadUserOverview | Allows using the User Overview for the vehicle properties.
_SOAP | Allows using SOAP methods to retrieve information from the application using Web Services. *Deprecated (see here for details)
_UseSearch | Allows using search feature in VT application.
_UseUserAccessMask | Allows using the control editable User Fields. 


_APIRead |Allows granting read-only access to the REST API. 
_APIReadWrite|Allows granting read/write access to the REST API. 


_EditCommandTags | Allows editing command tags.
_ExecuteCommandAll | Allows accessing to all non-administrator commands. 
_ExecuteCommandsInTag | Allows accessing to commands in this tag regardless if the command is administrator only or not. 
_ExecuteSpecialCommandAll | Allows accessing to all administrator commands. 
_ResetCommandQueue | Allows resetting the device commands queue when the command has the option to be queued. 


_EditScriptExpression | Allows editing Script Expressions in the Event Rules. 
_EditScriptNotifier | Allows editing Script Notifiers in the Event Rules. 
_ReadEventHistory | Allows reading the Events History in the Events panel.
_ReadEventRule | Allows seeing the selected Event Rule.
_UseRoleBasedEventRule | Allows to use role-based Event Rules. To be used with the Maintenance plugin. 


_LiveAddress | Allows using Live Addresses in the Vehicles Panel in the VT application. 
_LiveAddressTrackPoints | Allows using Live Addresses in the Track Points list in the VT application. 


_EditGeofence | Allows editing all geofences except route geofences.
_EditGeofenceTags | Allows editing all geofences tags.
_EditRouteGeofence | Allows editing route geofences. 
_ImportGeofence | Allows importing KML geofences. 
_ReadGeofence | Allows reading access to all geofences. 
_ReadGeofencesInTag | Allows using a role-based geofences tags. 

Icon Library

_EditIconCategory | Allows modifying the Icon library by adding new custom icons. 
_UseIconCategory | Allows selecting a particular Icon library. 


_EditLinkItems | Allows editing Link Items. 
_EditLinkNamespace | Allows editing Link Namespaces. 
_EditLinkScript | Allows editing Link Scripts. 
_ViewLinks | Allows seeing Links. 


_CreateLanguage | Allows creating a new language definition. 
_DeleteLanguage | Allows deleting a language definition. 
_EditLanguage | Allows controlling which language can be edited. 
_UseLanguage | Allows selecting installed languages.


_AnonymousLogin | Allows an anonymous login setting. To be used with the Publish plugin. 
_DeviceLogin | Allows having a Device (GPS tracker).
_MobileLogin | Allows logging in with the mobile interface. 
_UseSingleLogin | Allows having only one active session opened per user for the application where this option is selected.
_WebLogin | Allows logging in to the VT application.
_WebServiceScriptLogin | Allows logging in using web services scripting. 


_UseMapCustom | Allows using imported PEG, PNG, GIF or BMP maps. 
_UseMapPlugin | Allows selecting a different map provider. 

Marker Attributes

_EditMarkerAttributes | Restricts access to marker attributes window. 


_CreateNoteCategories | Allows creating categories among notes. 
_DeleteNoteCategories | Allows deleting notes categories. Will not delete notes. 
_DeleteNotes | Allows deleting notes. 
_ReadNotes | Allows reading notes. 
_WriteNotes | Allows writing notes. 

Reports and Export

_UseTrackExport | Allows CSV to track export from the Trackpoints Panel. 


_ReadStatusPanel | Enables the user to have access to the status panel


_EditTrackAll | Allows deleting tracks.
_ReadTrackAll | Allows reading tracks.
_UseTrackGraph | Allows the use of the graph tool.

User Settings

_ChangeAppearance | Allows selecting which tabs the user can see in the Settings dialog.
_ChangeLocalization | Allows changing the time zone, language, date and time format, etc.
_ChangePassword | Allows changing the user password.
_ChangeTrackVisualization | Allows turning off the track filtering.

Vehicle Info

_ReadVehicleInfoPanel | Enables the user to have access to the vehicle info panel


_ReadVehiclesPanel | Enables the user to have access to the vehicle panel


_EditViews | Allows editing the Views.
_ReadViews | Allows reading the Views.


_DeleteSharedWorkspace | Allows removing saved Shared Workspaces.
_EditPrivateWorkspace | Allows editing the user private workspaces.
_EditSharedWorkspace | Allows editing the Shared Workspaces.
_ManageColumns | Allows adding or removing columns from the different VT panels.
_UseSharedWorkspace | Allows using the selected saved Shared Workspaces.


_CreateReport | Allows selecting which reports can be created by the users under Manage Reports in the VT application.
_EditFileReportSchedule | Allows editing the Report Schedule option when modifying your report parameters.
_PreventProcessDataOnDemand | Allows the user to be able to process unprepared tracking data 
_PrintReport | Allows having the option to print the report 
_UseFormat | Allows selecting which format to use on reports visualization (CSV, ZIP CSV, HTML, PDF2)
_ViewReport | Allows the user to view the selected reports

Plugin-specific plugins

Always Valid

_AlwaysValid | Allows having the marker on the map move on "invalid" position updates. *Deprecated (see here for details)
_UseServerTime | Allows using server time rather than device time for all reports. 
_UseServerTimeForInvalid | Allows using server time for invalid reports. 
_CheckHDOP | Allows invalidating "valid" position reports with too high HDOP value. *Deprecated (see here for details)

Access Filter

_UseAccessFilter | Allows restricting access to your GpsGate Server. 


_ArcGISLogin | Allows to pull the vehicle's latest position from GpsGate Server and use it in an ArcGIS Server. 

Area Search

_AreaSearch | Allows drawing a rectangle on the map to search for track data history. 


_EditPicture | Allows editing pictures in the Vehicle Tracker application. 
_TakePicture | Allows taking pictures in the Vehicle Tracker application. 
_ViewPicture | Allows viewing pictures in the Vehicle Tracker application. 


_ChatEditResponses | Allows chatting from the VT application to the supported devices. 


_GetCrashData | Allows retrieving crash data from supported devices in the VT application
_ViewCrashData | Allows reading crash data from supported devices in the VT application

Data Forward

_DataForward | Allows forwarding the unmodified data sent from a device to one or many other servers. 

Device Manager

Allows sending template commands to devices and view command status for user tags. 


_DispatchEditAllJobs | Allows editing all the dispatch jobs created. 
_DispatchEditOwnJobs | Allows editing the owned dispatch jobs created. _DispatchGoogleEta  | Allows enabling dispatch ETA in the dispatch menu.
_DispatchReadAllJobs | Allows viewing all the dispatch jobs created. 
_DispatchReadOwnJobs | Allows viewing the owned dispatch jobs created.
_EditJobCustomField | Allows editing jobs' custom fields

DriverID in Tag Expression

Driver ID in Tag Expression | Allows checking if a Driver ID is in a Tag or if it is NOT in a Tag.

_EditDriverIDInTagExpression | Allows editing the DriverIDInTag Expression in the Event Rule. 

Driver Journal

*Deprecated (see here for details)
_EditJournalCategoryMappings | Allows editing the categories for the Driver Journal plugin. 

Fuel Consumption

_AddFuelConsumptions | Allows adding fuel consumptions logs. 
_DeleteFuelConsumptions | Allows deleting fuel consumption logs. 
_EditFuelConsumptions | Allows editing the fuel consumption logs. 
_ImportFuelConsumptions | Allows importing fuel consumption logs. 

HTTP Expression

_EditHttpExpression | Allows using the HttpExpression feature. 


_EditMaintenanceSchedule | Allows editing the maintenance schedules. 
_ImportMaintenanceLogs | Allows importing maintenance logs. 
_LogMaintenanceService | Allows logging a maintenance entry. 
_UseMaintenanceSchedule | Allows using the maintenance schedule for a specific role. 

Map Coordinates

Map Coordinates | Allows showing the coordinate and street address of a position you click on the map. 

Map Measure Tool

Map Measure Tool | Allows measuring distances on the map using a ruler tool. 


_ForwardToMPOB | Allows devices to forward messages to MPOB (Monthly Statement of the Producer of Oil Palm Fruits) service. 


Multimonitor | Allows showing multiple maps on a different monitor. 

Online Status Indicator

Online Status Indicator | Allows displaying the current number of online and offline vehicles in a small window. 


_AllowPaymentList | Allows using the payment list. 

Points of Interest

_EditLocation | Allows editing the location of a POI. 
_EditLocationCategory | Allows editing the category of a POI. 
_ImportLocation | Allows importing POI locations. 
_ReadLocationCategory | Allows users to read POI location categories.


Publish | Allows sharing your views in VT within your webpage. 


_EditRoadWorksActivities | Allows the user to edit Roadworks activities.

_ReadRoadWorksActivities | Allows the user to read Roadworks activities.

_RecordRoadWorksActivities | Allows the user to record Roadworks tracks.


_EditScriptApp | Allows editing a scripted app.
_EditClickScript | Allows editing a click script.
_EditWebServiceScript | Allows editing a WebService Script.
_UseClickScript | Allows using a specific click script.

Sound Alarm

Sound Alarm | Allows playing an alert sound on an incoming alarm. 

Speeding Expression

_EditSpeedingExpression | Allows editing the Speeding Expression values in the Event Rule. 

Street View Window

Street View Window | Allows using Google Street View in your VT. 

Terminal Window

Terminal Window | Allows viewing the raw stream of reports/data going between server and tracker. 

Track Replay

Track Replay | Allows playing back tracks for vehicles in an application. 

Tracking Schedule

_UseTrackingSchedule | Allows discarding device messages sent outside of working hours for reasons of privacy. 

User Actions

User Actions | Allows visualizing log activities from the users in the VT. 

WASL Data Forward

_WASLDataForward | Allows the unit to forward data for the WASL protocol.