Privileges and Features - description

The Privileges and Features activate different permissions or features within an application.

Read more about how to activate the privileges and features in an application.

* Vehicle Tracker = VT
* Site Admin = SA

General privileges by category

We will describe the privileges by their category as seen under the Privileges and Features tree at the application level.


Privilege Description
_BatchEditUsers  Allows using the Batch Edit Users feature inside the VT. 
_BatchImportUsers Allows importing the users in batches. 
_BatchUpdateUsers Allows to batch update user properties. 
_CreateUser Allows creating users. 
_DeleteUser Allows deleting users. 
_EditAccumulatorType Allows editing the accumulator type. Useful for Maintenance plugin.  
_EditApplicationPrivileges Allows editing the Roles of an application.
_EditCustomField Allows adding custom fields.  
_EditDeviceMapper Allows editing Device Mappers.  
_EditDeviceMapperScript  Allows using the Device Mapper Scripting. 
_EditDialogs Allows accessing to the downward arrow in the upper right corner of many windows, for example, which fields are displayed in the Dispatch window. 
_EditEventRule Allows editing Event Rules inside the VT application.  
_EditGateEvent Allows closing alarms.  
_EditSessions Allows closing sessions of different users logged into the system.  
_EditTags Allows editing Tags. 
_EditUserAccessMask Allows controlling which fields are visible when editing a user.  
_EditUsername Allows editing the usernames. 
_EditUsers Allows editing users' properties. 
_EditUserTemplates Allows editing user templates (User Type Editor).  
_ExportVehicleList Allows exporting the vehicle list from the Vehicle Panel inside the application (top-right menu > Export data). 
_ImportTemplate Allows to import templates (Event Rules, Geofences, Reports)  
_ReadData Allows reading vehicle data. This privilege is needed for a user to be able to receive emails and use reports.  
_ReadMessageFields Allows selecting which GpsGate Variables will be listed. 
_ReadUserOverview Allows using the User Overview for the vehicle properties. 
_UseKmlFeed Adds KML Feed menu option when enabled.
_UseSearch Allows using search feature in VT application. 

Allows using the control editable User Fields.


Privilege Description
_APIRead Allows granting read-only access to the REST API. 

|Allows granting read/write access to the REST API.


Privilege Description
_EditCommandTags Allows editing command tags.
_ExecuteCommandAll Allows accessing to all non-administrator commands.  
_ExecuteCommandsInTag Allows access to commands in this tag regardless if the command is administrator only or not.  
_ExecuteSpecialCommandAll Allows accessing to all administrator commands.  

Allows resetting the device commands queue when the command has the option to be queued.


Privilege Description
_EditScriptExpression Allows editing Script Expressions in the Event Rules. 
_ReadEventHistory Allows reading the Events History in the Events panel. 
_ReadEventRule Allows seeing the selected Event Rule. 

Allows to use role-based Event Rules. To be used with the Maintenance plugin. 

Fleet app

Privilege Description
_FleetAppUseEvents Enables Events in the Fleet app. 
_FleetAppUseMap Allows using the map in the Fleet app. 
_FleetAppUseVehicles Allows reading the Vehicles panel in the Fleet app. 


Privilege Description
_LiveAddress Allows using Live Addresses in the Vehicles Panel in the VT application. 

Allows using Live Addresses in the Track Points list in the VT application.


Privilege Description
_EditGeofence Allows editing all geofences except route geofences.
_EditGeofenceTags Allows editing all geofences tags. 
_EditRouteGeofence Allows editing route geofences.  
_ImportGeofence Allows importing KML geofences.  
_ReadGeofence Allows reading access to all geofences.  

Allows using a role-based geofences tags. 


Privilege Description
_EditIconCategory Allows modifying the Icon library by adding new custom icons. 
_EditIconSets Allows editing Icon sets.

Allows selecting a particular Icon library. 


Privilege Description
_EditLinkItems Allows editing Link Items. 
_EditLinkNamespace Allows editing Link Namespaces.  
_EditLinkScript Allows editing Link Scripts.  

Allows seeing Links.


Privilege Description
_CreateLanguage Allows creating a new language definition. 
_DeleteLanguage Allows deleting a language definition.  
_EditLanguage Allows controlling which language can be edited.  

Allows selecting installed languages.


Privilege Description
 _DeviceLogin Allows having a Device (GPS tracker). 
_MobileLogin Allows logging in with the mobile interface.  
_WebLogin Allows logging in to the VT application. 

Allows logging in using web services scripting. 


Privilege Description
_UseArcGISMap Enables using ArcGIS maps. Read plugins privileges below.
_UseGeoServerMap Enables using GeoServer map. Read plugins privileges below.
_UseMapCustom Allows using imported PEG, PNG, GIF or BMP maps. 

Allows selecting a different map provider. 

Marker Attributes

Privilege Description

Restricts access to marker attributes window.


Privilege Description

Allows creating categories among notes. 


Allows deleting notes categories. Will not delete notes.  


Allows deleting notes.


Allows reading notes. 


Allows writing notes. 

Reports and Export

Privilege Description

Allows track export from the Trackpoints Panel. 


Privilege Description

Enables the user to have access to the status panel.


Privilege Description

Enables HDOP tracks. Read plugins privileges below


Allows deleting tracks.


Allows reading tracks.


Allows the use of the graph tool.

User Settings

Privilege Description

Allows selecting which tabs the user can see in the Settings dialog.


Allows you to see and track a vehicle in real-time. To allow this per application (by default to all users), you also need to select a refresh rate value (e.g. Live) under the application Properties > Live Data parameter or have this setting enabled per user when inside the application, under user Settings > Refresh Rate.


Allows changing the time zone, language, date and time format, etc. 


 Allows changing the user password.


Allows turning off the track filtering.

Vehicle Info

Privilege Description

Enables the user to have access to the vehicle info panel.


Privilege Description

Enables the user to have access to the vehicle panel.


Privilege Description

Allows editing the Views.


Allows reading the Views.


Privilege Description

Allows removing saved Shared Workspaces.


Allows editing the users' private workspaces. 


Allows editing the Shared Workspaces. 


Allows adding or removing columns from the different VT panels. 


 Allows using the selected saved Shared Workspaces.


Privilege Description

Allows selecting which reports can be created by the users under Manage Reports in the VT application.


Allows editing the Report Schedule option when modifying your report parameters. 


Allows the user to be able to process unprepared tracking data  


Allows having the option to print the report  


Allows selecting which format to use on reports visualization (CSV, ZIP CSV, HTML, PDF2) 


Allows the user to view the selected reports.

Plugin-specific plugins

Plugin Privilege Description

Access Filter


Allows restricting access to your GpsGate Server. 

ArcGIS _ArcGISLogin

Allows to pull the vehicle's latest position from GpsGate Server and use it in an ArcGIS Server.

Area Search _AreaSearch

Allows drawing a rectangle on the map to search for track data history.  





Allows editing pictures in the Vehicle Tracker application. 

Allows taking pictures in the Vehicle Tracker application. 

Allows viewing pictures in the Vehicle Tracker application. 



Allows chatting from the VT application to the supported devices.




Allows retrieving crash data from supported devices in the VT application.

Allows reading crash data from supported devices in the VT application. 



Allows enabling CargoMoveDataForward functionality.

Data Forward


Allows forwarding the unmodified data sent from a device to one or many other servers. 

Device Manager


Allows sending template commands to devices and view command status for user tags. 








Allows editing all the dispatch jobs created.  

Allows editing the owned dispatch jobs created.   

Allows enabling dispatch ETA in the dispatch menu.

Allows viewing all the dispatch jobs created.

Allows viewing the owned dispatch jobs created.

Allows editing jobs' custom fields.

DriverID in Tag Expression 


Allows editing the DriverIDInTag Expression in the Event Rule.

Fuel Consumption





Allows adding fuel consumption logs.

Allows deleting fuel consumption logs.

Allows editing the fuel consumption logs.

Allows importing fuel consumption logs.

HTTP Expression


Allows using the HttpExpression feature. 






 Allows editing the maintenance schedules.

Allows importing maintenance logs.

Allows logging a maintenance entry.

Allows using the maintenance schedule for a specific role.

Map Coordinates

Map Coordinates

Allows showing the coordinate and street address of a position you click on the map.

Map Measure Tool

Map Measure Tool

 Allows measuring distances on the map using a ruler tool.



Allows devices to forward messages to MPOB (Monthly Statement of the Producer of Oil Palm Fruits) service.



Allows showing multiple maps on a different monitor.

Online Status Indicator

Online Status Indicator

Allows displaying the current number of online and offline vehicles in a small window. 



Allows using the payment list. 

Points of Interest





Allows editing the location of a POI.

Allows editing the category of a POI.

Allows importing POI locations.

Allows users to read POI location categories.



Allows sharing your views in VT within your webpage. 

Road Works




Allows the user to edit Roadworks activities.

Allows the user to read Roadworks activities.

Allows the user to record Roadworks tracks. 






Allows editing a scripted app.

Allows editing a click script.

Allows editing a WebService Script.

Allows using a specific click script.

Sound Alarm

Sound Alarm

Allows playing an alert sound on an incoming alarm. 

Speeding Expression


 Allows editing the Speeding Expression values in the Event Rule.

Street View Window

Street View Window

Allows using Google Street View in your VT. 

Terminal Window

Terminal Window

Allows viewing the raw stream of reports/data going between server and tracker. 

Track Replay

Track Replay

Allows playing back tracks for vehicles in an application.

 Tracking Schedule


Allows discarding device messages sent outside of working hours for reasons of privacy. 

User Actions

User Actions

Allows visualizing log activities from the users in the VT. 

WASL Data Forward


Allows the unit to forward data for the WASL protocol. 





Deprecated privileges

The list of deprecated features are listed here.

Plugin Privilege Description

Always Valid


Allows having the marker on the map move on "invalid" position updates.

Always Valid  _UseServerTime

 Allows using server time rather than device time for all reports. 

Always Valid   _UseServerTimeForInvalid

 | Allows using server time for invalid reports. 



Allows invalidating "valid" position reports with too high HDOP value.

Driver Journal  _EditJournalCategoryMappings

 Allows editing the categories for the Driver Journal plugin. 


Allows using SOAP methods to retrieve information from the application using Web Services.