Command Tags

Using Command Tags you can organize your commands and give different roles access to commands in a certain tag.


1. Access the application Privileges and Features.

2. Enable the privileges under Commands.


  • _EditCommandTags – Gives access to edit command tags.
  • _ExecuteCommandAll – Gives access to all non-administrator commands
  • _ExecuteSpecialCommandAll – Gives access to all administrator commands
  • _ExecuteCommandsInTag – Gives access to commands in this tag regardless if the command is administrator only or not.
  • _ResetCommandQueue – Gives access to reset the device commands queue when the command has the option to be queued.

3. Scroll to the bottom of the page and click Save.

Creating a command tag

Command tags are group of commands that are going to be under the same tag. These tags could be assigned to different groups of users.

To create a command tag follow these steps:

1. Log in to your application.

2. Go to Admin > Command Tags.


3. Click on the + Command Tag button.

4. Give the tag a name and a description (optional) and click Next.

5. Select the commands you want to include in the tag and click Save.

To know more about how to create template commands read here.


Note: The list of commands contains both special (administrator only) and non-special commands. 

Assign command tags to certain users

This is how privileges for commands work:

1. Log in to your application as an administrator.

2. Go to Admin > Roles

3. Select the role your user belongs to (e.g. _Operators)

4. Remove the _ExecuteCommandAll and _ExecuteSpecialCommandAll privileges from the role.

5. Select the Command Tag created in the instructions above.