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Here you will find useful resources that will help you guide your way through GpsGate.


Most common issues.


Create one application per customer.


Mobile access using apps and browser.


How to connect and manage devices.


Devices, drivers, workers, operators and administrators. They are all users in GpsGate.

Workspace, panels & markers

User interface. Workspace, windows, panels and markers.

Reports & Dashboard

Create, view and manage reports.

Event Rules

Event Rules are used to trigger actions from inputs to the system.

Tags, Views & Roles

Grouping of users and privileges.

Maps, POI, Geofence & Geocoding

Geofences, POIs, features, search and other things related to the map.


Manage jobs in a mobile workforce.

Fleet Management

Keep track of your fleet resources.

DVR / Video / Camera

How to setup and manage remote camera and video.

Server administration

How to setup and manage applications, localization, email, plugins etc.


ESRI ArcGIS integration.

Manage On-site server

Manage On-site server. Install, backup, performance, security, troubleshoot etc.


Guides related to customization of and integration to GpsGate. Please also visit the Developer portal.

GpsGate Splitter

Share a GPS on a Windows laptop.

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