User Notes

Notes can be placed on any user or vehicle. They can be used to inform a technician that a device or vehicle needs maintenance or as a messaging tool between operators.


Activate Notes in your application:

  1. Go to SiteAdmin / Applications and click on the application in the Application list
  2. Scroll down to Privileges and Roles and look for Notes
  3. Select the desired Privileges
  4. Save you application settings at the bottom of the page

Notes Privileges

  1. _CreateNoteCategories: Allows to create note categories
  2. _DeleteNoteCategories: Allows to delete note categories. Deleting a category will not delete all the notes that are under it.
  3. _ReadNotes: Allows to read notes
  4. _WriteNotes: Allows to write new notes

Writing a note

Notes can be added to any user/vehicle. To do so, right click on an user and select Add Note.

New note menu

This will open a New Note window.

New Note

A note contains a subject, some text, recipients and categories. Recipients and categories are optional and therefore does not need to be filled.

A recipient is another user within the Vehicle Tracker application who has the _ReadNotes privilege. This or those users will be notified once they have been added as a recipient to a note. When adding recipients, the user list can be filtered by tags by clicking on the arrow down next to the search field and selecting the desired tag. Categories can be used to group notes in order to retrieve them easily during searches.

Once a subject and note content has been filled, the note is ready to be sent.

My notes

A Note Hub will be added to a Vehicle Tracker application in which Notes have been enabled. The Notes Hub contains all the Open notes for the logged in user. A green note is a new/unread note, while a grey note means the note has been read.

Notes Hub

The above Notes Hub contains 3 notes on 3 different users. In the header of the note, the number on the left hand side shows the number of entries within this note. It is followed by the note subject as well as the user/vehicle name on which the note has been placed. The next information is the time of the last entry within the note, the total number of recipients and the number of recipients that read the note. Finally, under the note header, we can see the fist entry of the note.

Each note can be click on, which will open the full content of the note. This will include all of its entries, a reply field, and some control buttons.


Here you can see the complete content of the note as well as several control button, For easier navigation, you have the previous, next, and home buttons. The previous button will go to the previous note, the next button will go to the next note, and the home button will go back to the Notes Hub and display all of your notes.

To the left to the reply field, you have an expand button. This button will expand the input filed into a larger box where you can compose a longer note. To the right of the input filed you have a send button and an archive button. The send button will add your text to the current note and notify all the recipients that the note has been updated. The archive button will archive the current note so that, by default, it does not show in your Notes Hub. You can archive notes when you’re done with them, so that your note list is kept to a minimum. A note will be reopened once a new reply has been added. You can display archived notes by clicking on the Advanced search in the Notes hub, selecting Show Archived, and clicking on the search button. Additionally, you can limit your search to a note category and a time period. Finally, you can enter a search word to further limit your search. The search word will be matched against notes titles and object names.

Furthermore, while a note is displayed, you can change its recipients and categories, by clicking on the arrow down next to each filed.

User Notes

You can see all the notes on a User/Vehicle by right clicking on the vehicle and selecting Show Notes. This will display all of the notes on the vehicle. Similarly to the Notes Hub, this window contains a search filed which can be used to narrow down the notes list.

Object notes are protected by the _ReadData privilege, therefore, if you do not have access to user/vehicle data, you will not be able to see it notes.

Creating a Note Category

Follow steps 1-3 to create a new category: