Give users rights to see specific reports

This guide shows how to give different roles of users to give access to different reports.


Step 1: create tags

First, you create tags for the groups of vehicles you want to display.

Read how to create tags for your users here.

Step 2: select your reports

When assigning reports to your users, you need to verify which reports you want them to see.

You could either assign them default reports or create instances of those default reports.

Read how to create report instances here (manage reports section)

Step 3: verify your user roles

Users can belong to common or different roles. You can check this by using the overview feature.

If you want different user roles to see different reports, you'll have to make copies of the roles and assign each user to the corresponding role.

Read how to create custom roles for your users (editing/customizing roles section).

Step 4: assign the reports to each role

You can select which reports each role will be able to see, by using the privileges under Plugins > Reporting > _ViewReport