Track Replay plugin

The Track Replay plugin allows to playback tracks for vehicles in an application. The playback can include any number of tracks and vehicles.

Plugin Installation

  1. Login to SiteAdmin
  2. Go to the Plugins tab
  3. Select Get More Plugins tab and install the Track Replay plugin

Application Configuration

Enable the following Plugin in the VehicleTracker application.

  1. Login to SiteAdmin
  2. Go to the Applications tab and click on the Application you want to edit
  3. Enable the Track Replay plugin under the Plugins category
  4. Click on Save

Track Replay Controls

Replay button will appear next to the Draw tracks button in applications that have the Track Replayplugin enabled.

Track Replay button

Similarly to the Draw Tracks and Show Graph buttons, the Replay button is only enabled once a track has been selected.

Once one or more tracks have been selected, the Track Replay can be started.
Track Replay Window
The Track Replay window contains a Play/Pause button, a Speed Control button, and a time slider. An On/Off button is available when the Track Replay is in Panel mode. More about Windows and Panels here: Dock Windows to Panels and back
Track Replay Panel

The Speed Control allow to choose between 5 different speeds: 1sec, 10sec, 1min, 5min, and 10min.

  • 1sec: Real time replay. An hour track will take 60 minutes to replay.
  • 10sec: 1:10 ratio. An hour track will take 6 minutes to replay.
  • 1min: 1:60 ratio. An hour track will take 1 minute to replay.
  • 5min: 1:300 ratio. An hour track will take 12 seconds to replay.
  • 10min: 1:600 ratio. An hour track will take 6 seconds to replay.

The Time Slider can be adjusted to skip to a particular time of the replay or simply to replay the tracks at a different pace.

The On/Off button, which is only available in the panel mode, allow to enable or disable the plugin while having it in a panel.

  • On: The application is in the replay mode and only displays the vehicles that have a selected track in the Tracks table.
  • Off: The application works normally

This button is especially useful when a workspace contains the Track Replay panel since it allows to use the application in both mode: regular and replay mode. Track Replay is originally opened in Replay Mode.

Please note that all live events (Vehicles, Alarm map markers, traces) are hidden during a replay, only the vehicles that have a selected track will be displayed.