Site Admin privileges

Just like for your application, you can edit privileges assigned to roles, create custom roles, and assign roles to users.

Editing Site Admin users

You can access user management under Applications > SiteAdmin Users. Here, you are presented with a list of SiteAdmin users.


Click on a user in the list to view its details or edit it - or add a new user by clicking the Add User button.


You may edit basic user information as well as Site Admin application roles assigned to the user. Clicking Save saves changes. Clicking Delete removes the user from the Site Admin application.

Editing Site Admin user roles

You can access role management under Applications > Site Admin Roles. Here, you are presented with a list of Site Admin application roles. Initially, there is only the _Administrator role, assigned to all previously existing Site Admin users.


Click on a role in the list to view its details or edit it, or create a new role by creating a copy of an existing one (Create Copy button).


You should already be familiar with role management in your applications, so you will be familiar with the options provided here.

You may edit role name and description for custom created roles and set Auto enable new items if you want a role to be automatically granted privileges from newly installed plugins. Next, you can assign Site Admin users to the selected role through the Users checklist. Finally, you may edit the privilege tree for the selected role. Don’t forget to click Save to save your changes. Clicking Delete deletes the role.

New Privileges

Application Privileges

  • _CreateApplication: enables a user to create new applications
  • _DeleteApplications: enables a user to delete applications
  • _EditApplication: enables a user to edit application settings for any application
  • _UseImpersonatedLogin: enables a user to use the impersonated login shortcut for any application

Pages Privileges

Privileges under the Pages group in the privilege tree determine which tabs in the Site Admin application can be seen by the members of this role. Under the tab-related privileges, privileges for access to particular pages under a tab are also available.
Note that if you install a plugin that adds new tabs or pages to Site Admin, they will be visible here, too, and auto-enabled after installation for all roles with Auto enable new items checked.


For example, we may want to enable a new user to manage reports in the Site Admin application, but be unable to access other features.

1. Create a role for this purpose, naming it, for example, ReportEditor. Do not check Auto enable new items. Restrict access to the Reporting page only as below, and save.


2. Create a user and assign it only the ReportEditor role, and save.


3. When the new user logs in, only the reporting tab and pages are visible.