TS1006 Sites Not Visited


This report shows which POIss or geofences have not been visited in the selected time period. The report is sorted by POI category / geofence group and list each below.


In-report information

  • Site category: the category of the site. If you use POIs you will see the POI category. If using Geofences, you will see Geofence groups.
  • Site: the POI/Geofence visited.
  • Total sites: total number of POI/Geofence visits.


  • A set of points of interest or Geofences and an event rule that triggers an event when a vehicle is at a POI or Geofence location.
  • If you use both POIs and geofences, is recommended to create separate event rules for each (step 4 below).
  • If you will display more than one POI category / geofence group in the report, create an additional rule for each POI category/geofence group. Read step 4 below.


1. Go to Site Admin > Plugins > Get More Plugins

2. Install Time On Site Report plugin.

3. Activate the report into the application.

4. Follow the geofence visit report if you will use this report with geofences / Follow the POI visit report if you will use this report with POIs.