EC1002 Eco Report (Summary)


The EC1002 report counts the events and creates a driver score based on the number of events per 1000 km multiplied with the Points parameter. The parameters define the number of points each event generates, they are set in the report definition that includes the following settings.

In the Score column, more points mean the worst driving.


In-report information

  • Name: name of the vehicle.
  • Days: number of days with harsh signals
  • Class: classification according to the number of points (score)
  • Score: each harsh event adds points for a driver, the accumulated number of points results in a driver score (a perfect driver without harsh events gets a score of 0)
  • Dist: distance driven by the vehicle
  • Max (Speed): maximum speed of the trip
  • Avg (Speed): average speed of the trip
  • Events (brake, pts, etc.): individual scoring per event
  • Trip (time): the duration of the trip
  • Idle (time): the duration of the idle
  • O-spd: over speeding time

*Note: drivers with more points than “Fair” are labeled “Risky”


This report requires a device capable of detecting harsh signals (e.g. harsh acceleration, harsh braking, harsh cornering). Typically, this feature is included in devices that have an accelerometer on them.

Check for compatible devices here.


1. Go to Site Admin > Plugins > Get More Plugins

2. Install the Eco Report plugin

3. Activate the report in the application

More information

For more information about the ECO report and how it works, read this guide.

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