FU1004 Fuel Report


The report contains the date, total distance, maximum and average speed, the duration of the vehicle driving, fuel consumption and fuel efficiency, as well as the total amount of fuel used.


In-report information

  • Date: date of the fuel consumption event
  • Total Distance (GPS): total distance travelled while fuel consumption occurred
  • Duration: duration of the fuel consumption event
  • Max Speed: maximum speed while the fuel consumption event took place
  • Avg Speed: average speed while the fuel consumption event took place
  • Fuel Consumption: fuel consumption per 100 km/miles
  • Fuel Efficiency: distance travelled per liter/gallon of fuel
  • Total Fuel: total fuel consumed


This report works with devices with fuel-reading capabilities.

Check for compatible devices here.


1. Go to Site Admin > Plugins > Get More Plugins

2. Install Fuel Report plugin.

3. Activate the report into the application.

4. Choosing the correct Input from your device, select Fuel level variable in the Device Mapper.
Example 1


Example 2 (CAN bus mapping)


Read more about the device mapper here.