Geofence visit reports

Time On Site Reports can be used with Geofences in addition to POIs to see the time spent in a location and if locations that should have been visited have been missed.

This blog shows how to set up a report that lists the surveillance objects that have NOT been visited by security guards. 

Read how to create and manage geofences.

Geofence Event Rule setup

Create an Event Rule to check when a geofence is visited. In this case, we add two expressions for Round A and Round B to include two Geofence Tags in the same Event Rule.


As a notification, this report accepts two parameters. You could use the Geofence name ([GEOFENCE_NAME]) and the Geofence Group ([GEOFENCE_TAG_NAME]) as parameters


  1. Select the menu Admin / Event Rules and click on Add new Event Rule
  2. Create an Event Rule called Geofences Visited. Add your Geofence Tags in step “4. Expressions” as shown above
  3. In step “5. Notifications” you must enter the [GEOFENCE_ID] as the only message text as shown above
  4. Save your Event Rule