Time on Site based on POIs setup

This guide shows how to set up a Time on Site report based on POIs (Points of Interest). 

Install reports

Follow the setup instruction for the TS1006/9 report.

Import a list of customers

To import some POIs follow this guide.

Create an event rule to work with your POIs

You need to create an event rule for your POI’s. Event rules are used to detect when vehicles enter a POI. It is recommended to create one event rule per POI category. This helps to avoid potential confusion when POI’s in different categories overlap each other.

Note: Other options in the event rules can be used to define when to trigger a Time on Site Event, you can, for example, set a minimum time for a visit to be valid so that vehicles just passing a POI are ignored.

Below we create an event rule that checks if a vehicle has been at a customer site, defined by the list of imported POI’s.

  1. Log in to your VehicleTracker application with a user that is allowed to edit event rules
  2. Go to the menu Admin > Event Rules and click on + New Event Rule
  3. In 1. Rule name and description, give the event rule a suitable name, like Customer visit. The name is used in the Time on Site reports and should describe the included POI category. 
  4. Click Next in step 2 and 3 (keep the default settings)
  5. In 4. Expressions, add a Points of Interest expression. Select the POI category Customer for the rule to trigger on. You can also optionally select the event to be a Delayed event, requiring that a vehicle is at the POI for a specified amount of minutes before triggering the event. mceclip0.png
  6. In 5. Notifications, click the Add notification drop-down list and select the Report Argument. mceclip1.png
  7. Give the argument a descriptive Name like “POI id” and only enter [POI_ID] in the Value field and click OK.  mceclip2.png

    Note: it is IMPORTANT that the Value textbox only contains [POI_ID]. Do not add multiple Report Arguments for this rule used by the Time on Site reports.

  8. On step 6. Presentation, unselect this option and click Next.
  9. Click Next and Save the event rule.

Create an instance of the TS1006/1009 report

Now that the POI event rule is set up, you want to create an instance of the TS1006 or TS1008 report and select this event rule to work with.


Read how to create an instance of a report.