Dashboard Metrics type

Categorize your Metrics by type for easy tracking of the fleet activities that matter most to you. With instant Dashboard data you're able to align your KPIs and meet your business goals in the long run. 

In this article, we'll review the 4 types of Metrics and how to configure them in your Dashboard settings!

For starters, there are 4 types of metrics in Dashboard: 

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Now, let's break down the Metrics types even further.

1. Vehicle status distribution tracks the availability of vehicles in a fleet, identifies areas where there are insufficient vehicles available, and pinpoints vehicles that are not being used efficiently. This metric can evaluate performance and identify areas for improvement.

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2. Event State Distribution tracks the progress of events in a fleet, identifies areas where events are not occurring as expected, and highlights events that are taking longer than anticipated.

Data displayed here is pulled from configured event rules and displayed in Dashboard WidgetsEvents rules used for those Widgets. For example, below we see Widgets that display Event rule use case sends an SMS when an SOS event occurs and Speeding Expression.

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3. The Total Distance of the fleet represents the total number of miles or kilometers traveled by all the vehicles in the fleet over a specific period. This metric tracks fleet efficiency and overall usage.

There is historical data from previous days of the week or even from the hours of the day. The data is coming from Accumulators.

Note: The total number displayed is the total count of miles/km since the Metric was created.

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4. Event frequency refers to the number of times a specific event occurs within a given period.
This Metric monitors event occurrence and identifies areas where events are happening more or less frequently than expected, even pinpointing events causing issues.

Event Frequency and Event State Distribution Metrics types are graphical representations of data in Dashboard Widgets, also triggered by events rules.

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Want to get started with Dashboard? Discover how to create Metrics and visualize the data in graphs from Widgets.