Event rule use case: send an SMS when an SOS event occurs

In this guide we will show how to create an Event Rule that generates an alert on-screen and SMS when an SOS signal is detected.


  • To have an SOS compatible device, and the SOS input mapped in the Device Mapper.
  • To have Operator user types with Phone numbers on their user properties.
  • If you own your server, to have SMS provider properly set up in your server (not necessary if you have a GpsGate hosted server).

Create your Event Rule

1. Follow the Event Rule step by step guide until step 4.

2. In 4. Expressions, use the following settings:

3. Select Digital Expression > SOS

4. Click on Next

5. In 5. Notifications, use SMS as a notification type. Click on the  button to add a new notification type.

6. Select SMS.

7. Add a Receipients to the notification. Remember selecting tags that contain users with phone numbers in it.

8. As a Message, you can customize your own SMS message with your own variables by inserting Variables.

9. Click on Next.

10. In 6. Presentation, select Show in map view if you want to display a blinking icon of the map for the event.

11. Click on Next.

12. Click on to finally Save your rule.

Your application is now ready to send SMS notifications.