How to use Points of Interest

With GpsGate you can create, import and edit your Point of Interests (POIs). Follow this guide to learn the basics..



1. Install PointsOfInterests plugin from SiteAdmin > Plugins > Get More Plugins

2. Enable PointsOfInterests plugin in your applications Privileges and Features or even using Batch Edit.


Application setup

1. Enable Points of Interest from Windows > Point of Interest


2. Save your Workspace to preserve your changes


Create POI

You can create a POI right from the map


Or from the Points of Interest panel by clicking in mceclip3.png button.

Create POI Category

  • To Add a category click in mceclip5.png from the POI panel
  • Or in the same button when adding a POI 


Categories are necessary for:

  • Group your POIs into the same category
  • Use those categories to create Event Rules that generates an alert based on POIs.



Additional features in POI

Create Custom Fields

  • Create Custom Fields to add additional fields with your own data.

Import your POIs

  • You can import POIs in CSV or KML format. Follow this guide to achieve that.

Know the distance of your Vehicles to a POI