Time on Site based on POIs setup

This guide shows how to set up a Time on Site report based on POIs (Points of Interest). 

Generic setup for all TS reports.

1. Go to Admin > Event Rules and select + Event Rule to Create a new Event Rule.

2. Put a name to your rule, and choose Enabled > No

This option disables the event rule for "live" events but enable it for reports.


3. In 4. Expressions, add a new expression and then select Point of Interest.

4. Select your POI category. To have a Category, you need to have POIs created.

Learn how to use POIs here.


5. In 5. Notifications, click the Add notification drop-down list and select the Report Argument. mceclip1.png

6. Select the following Report Arguments


  • For TS1006 and TS1009 reports, use instead, this configuration:


7. On step 6. Presentation, deselect this option and click Next.


8. Click Next and Save the event rule.