How to add custom fields to POIs

Custom fields are user-made fields that can be applied to the POIs (Point Of Interest).

Read how to create custom fields to user properties here

To create POIs custom field follow these steps:


1. Access the application privileges and features.

2. Enable the _EditCustomField privilege in your application.

Adding custom fields to your POIs

1. Select Windows > Point of Interest in your application.

2. Click on the panel menu and select Manage Custom Fields.


3. Add Custom fields to your application in the same way as described for Users.

4. Click on Save.

5. Now select Manage categories in the menu.


6. Select a POI category.

7. Expand the Custom Fields step and select the ones that you would like to make visible.

8. Click on Save.

Now when you add or edit POI’s your Custom Fields will be available in the form.
You can display the Custom Fields in the POI list by selecting them under the Select Columns icon in the top right corner of the POI list.