Use POIs for reverse geocoding

You can use a combination of multiple POI (points of interest) categories for reverse geocoding in GpsGate Server. 

This is useful for example when:

  • You want to combine known POIs with a geocoding service.
  • You want to display a vehicle location in relation to a POI.
  • You prefer to have POI references instead of addresses in your reports.

You can use multiple POI categories for geocoding. The POI categories will be ordered by the tolerance (maximum distance) setting. GpsGate Server will attempt to find a match going from category to category based on the tolerance/max distance setting.


1. Access the application properties in Site admin.

2. Enable PointsOfInterests in your applications Privileges and Features.

3. Go to Maps and geocoders and select these options:

3. Save your application properties.

Application setup

1. Log in to your application

2. Enable the Points of Interest panel from WindowPoints of Interest


3. To enable the POI inverse geocoding, follow the steps described in the import POI guide.

4. To do so, add/edit a Group and mark the option Add distance and direction to address


5. Edit the selected group.


6. Select the Geocoding category and mark the option:


7. Save the Group.

8. Add the column Address to your Vehicle panel


9. When your POI is close to the POI (according to the value set in the Geocoding settings of the group), you'll be able to see the distance to that POI: