Use POIs for reverse geocoding

You can use a combination of multiple POI (Points Of Interest) categories for reverse geocoding in GpsGate Server. 

This is useful for example when:

  • You want to combine known POIs with a geocoding service.
  • You want to display a vehicle location in relation to a POI.
  • You prefer to have POI references instead of addresses in you reports.

You can create multiple POI categories, with different priorities based on the vehicle distance from the POI. Read more about this here.


1. In Site Admin > Plugins, make sure you have installed PointsOfInterest plugin 

2. In your application properties, enable the geocoder in Geocoding > Geocoder selecting POI / POI + <your geocoder> as the geocoder for your application.

3. In Geocoding address format use [ADDRESS] which is the default value.

3. Enable the feature PointsOfInterest privileges in your application.

4. Save your application settings

5. Login into your application

6. Enable the Points of Interest panel


7. To enable the POI inverse geocoding, follow the steps described in the Import POI guide.


You will see the POI geocoding if you add an Address column in the Vehicles or Track Points panel and also in the Vehicle info panel

Note: to have the Address in the Tracking Point panel, you need to enable the privilege in the application properties