Configure your device to report to GpsGate

Configure your device

Configuring your device to report to GpsGate is typically done with a configuration tool provided by your device manufacturer. Another method is using SMS commands.

Device configuration tool

Most major device manufacturers offer a configuration tool to facilitate the task of setting up a device for the first time. For example, Teltonika offers these tools:


GpsGate cannot provide you with the configuration tools. Ask your device manufacturer for the hardware configuration tool.

Using SMS commands

If your device manufacturer cannot provide you with a device configuration tool, it is very likely your device is configurable via SMS commands.

You can send commands to your devices using your mobile phone or the GpsGate platform. To send SMS from GpsGate, read how to send commands from the terminal window (or even create template commands that can be used at any time).

Note: GpsGate does not offer support in providing SMS commands for your devices. Ask your device company's support team for guidelines regarding SMS setup commands for your device.

Which IP and port should I configure my devices to report to?

You can see which IP and port you have to configure your device to in Site Admin > Devices > Listeners.

  • Your devices should point to the platform's public IP address 
  • And to the port set in the device configuration 

Check for the Add a device guide for more details.