Send commands using the Terminal Window

The Terminal Window will enable your administrators (or users with the proper rights) to have a quick access to the Terminal data and a practical way to send commands from your server to your application's devices.

Enabling the Terminal Window

To enable the Terminal Window follow these steps:

    1. Update/download the latest Terminal plugin
    2. Enable the Terminal Window privilege in your application Privileges and Roles

  1. Login to your application and go to Window -> Terminal Window
  2. Save your Workspace if you want to keep the Terminal Window open for this user

How to use the Terminal Window

IMPORTANT: To be able to send commands to your devices from the Vehicle Tracker application you’ll need to setup your SMS provider first and fill the proper device information (APN, Phone number, etc.).

In the Terminal Window you can see a list of available commands for your device.

If you have no commands available here you can see how to create template commands for your devices.

You can just send a predefined command by selecting it and clicking in the button Send. You’ll be able to see in the Terminal logs the command sent and the response from your device a few seconds afterwards if the device is properly configured to report to the server.

Using the Commands Panel you can also see a summary of the statuses of the last commands sent.

The template commands can also be sent using a mobile interface as shown here.

  • Note: to know what command is the correct one for what you want to achieve, you have to consult your device documentation or the manufacturer support. Though if you consider you have sent the right command but you cannot render the response shown in the Terminal Window you can contact support and we’ll try to help you.