Command panel

 The command panel is scalable, user-friendly, and more powerful than ever. 

The command panel reinforces our commitment to having the best GPS tracking software. It’s all about scalability, customization, and a friendly UI in an extremely powerful package. 



1. Access the application Privileges and plugins. 

2. Enable the privileges under Commands.

  • _EditCommandTags – Gives access to edit command tags.
  • _ExecuteCommandAll – Gives access to all non-administrator commands
  • _ExecuteSpecialCommandAll – Gives access to all administrator commands
  • _ExecuteCommandsInTag – Gives access to commands in this tag regardless if the command is administrator only or not.
  • _ResetCommandQueue – Gives access to reset the device commands queue when the command has the option to be queued.

3. Click Save.

4. Log in to your application.

5. Open Window → Commands menu


7. Save the workspace.


Once the Commands panel is enabled in the interface, you can send commands to your devices directly from the GUI.


Separate historical and in-progress command activity tabs. 

Operators can quickly switch views using the toggle in the top right-hand corner of the panel.


Command history view with summary statistics. 

The command panel collects all the command activity and groups it by command name. This lets you quickly analyze whether the commands executed without viewing individual results.


Detailed historical command view. Clicking on a previous command, you can expand it to see a table with detailed information on a specific historical command result.


Filter by latest commands. If you want to see only the last hour/day commands just use the filter in the command panel option.



The command panel uses our push technology, so information is sent to the UI in real-time by the server. 

To manage the execution of large quantities of commands, use the Device Manager instead.