Device Manager

The device manager enables you to:

  • Send template commands in batches for the same device types.
  • View a sent command status for an entire user tag.



1. Log in to Site Admin
2. Go to Plugins
3. Go to Get more Plugins
4. Install the Device Manager plugin

Activate it in your application(s)

Enable Device manager in Site-admin privileges and Plugins

Screenshot 2024-03-05 at 12.35.34.png

Note: to activate this functionality into multiple applications, use the Batch Edit feature.


1. Log in to your application.
2. Click on Windows > Device Manager
3. Select a tag and a device type to get a list of devices and their current command status
4. To batch send a template command, select a command then click Execute


Enter variables (e.g. "var1=value1,var2=value2") (*optional) when executing a command. var1, etc. can be used in the Template Command definition. In this way, you can pass parameters.