Template commands tips for Meitrack


The SMS protocol is straightforward and should not cause any problems.

However, the protocol over Internet is different from SMS, and includes things like length specifications, binary ID, and CRC checksum. Those things cannot be specified in the current template Command editor, instead, the GpsGate Meiligao driver automatically adds this data.

A Internet command send from the server to the tracker is built up like this:

In the Template Command, you should only specify the Command and Data parts in hex format, the rest is added by GpsGate before sending the command to the tracker.

Here is an example for the Output Control command 0x4114.

Code: SelectAll


Command will open output1, output3 and output5 and close output2 and output4

Please check the tracker documentation for command specifications, or post your questions to the forum and we'll try to answer them all.

Writing Template Commands for Meitrack

When writing Template Commands for Meitrack MVT and MT trackers you only need to write the actual command + parameters. GpsGate will add framing data like checksum, device password, IMEI, and prefix for you. The same Template Command can be used for both SMS and Internet. This is best explained with some examples.

To make a command that requests one position over SMS create a Template Command:


What is actually sent to the device is "0000,A00". GpsGate adds a default "0000" device password for you.

A command that tracks by distance every 1000 meters looks like:


What is actually sent over SMS is "0000,A14,1000"
And what is actually sent over internet is "@@D30,353358017784062,A14,1000*4A\r\n" assuming the IMEI of the device is "353358017784062".

You will see the command both without and with framing data in the Terminal.