Template Commands

"Template Commands" will allow you to in a simple way create commands that can be sent from GpsGate Server to the tracker using SMS or GPRS.

Template Commands make it possible to send all kinds of configuration commands to most trackers independent on the protocol they use. Take a look in the manual for the tracker to find out the command syntax.

To send commands over SMS, you need to enable SMS on your server. More info:

You create Template Commands under Devices -> Commands in SiteAdmin. 

Send command

Right click on a device to send a command or use any of the methods listed below.

Send command from Mobile interface

Using the Terminal you can access any tracker in your system. Send commands, and monitor communication. This is a great tool for trouble shooting and advanced device management. More info here.

Use the Device Manager to send a command to a batch of GPS trackers:

Send Template Command when Event Rule is triggered

Sending binary data

Binary data is represented as hex values inside brackets like this [0x00]

A sequence of binary 0x01, 0x02 is represented as [0x01][0x02]

Sending CR + LF - Carriage Return + Line Feed

CR + LF is represented as [0x0D][0x0A]

Example: Hello[0x0D][0x0A] sends back a "Hello" + CR + LF to the device.

Checksum and other wrapping data

If the device protocol requires checksums on commands, GpsGate will add this automatically. You can verify this in the Terminal. If you have a protocol which requires checksum, but GpsGate fails to add it, please contact support@gpsgate.com