Template Commands


Commands will allow you to in a simple way to create commands that can be sent from GpsGate Server to the tracker using SMS or GPRS.

Create the command

1. Select your device Brand

2. Click in New Command


3. Enter a name for your command.

4. Fill in with the Command and sending methods


5. Save your command.

6. Mark your command as Queueable (recommended)

7. Select which model/s you want this command to be available to.


8. Save your command.


  • To send commands over SMS, you need to enable an SMS provider.
  • GpsGate does not provide you with commands or configuration software for your devices.
  • We recommend verifying your device documentation or check with your device support which is the right command to configure your devices to point to your newly installed GpsGate server's IP and port.

Send the command