Create an Event Rule to send Commands to your devices

If you want to send an automatic command to your devices, for example, via TCP/UDP or SMS, follow these steps.


1. SMS sending capabilities from GpsGate. Read more about how to setup your SMS provider.

2. If you use SMS commands, a Device user type with the phone number configured in the user properties.

3. If you use TCP/UDP commands, a device with an established connection to GpsGate  in order to receive commands. You can read more about the device status here.

Note: you can read more about how sending commands work for your devices here.


1. Create your command template as described here. You need to know the right command for your device. Check your device documentation or ask your device support for more information about commands.


2. Create an Event Rule

3. On step 5 of the event rule creation (5. Notifications) select the Command type and choose the commands notification method.


4. Save your event rule.

Testing and Diagnosing commands

If you want to keep control of the commands sent to your devices, or diagnose them you could use either: