FU1007 Fuel consumption report via CAN bus

In some cases, the Fuel Level signal isn't available for all fleet vehicles. This guide explains how to use the Trip & Idle report along with Total Fuel consumption to measure fuel usage.

For this report, you'll use the Fuel Consumption signal, obtained from the vehicle's controller area network (CAN bus). This signal indicates how much fuel the vehicle consumes over time, serving as an alternative method to monitor fuel usage when the direct fuel level signal isn't accessible or accurate.

The report calculates fuel consumption by considering the initial and final values of the CAN fuel-consumed data obtained from the device.

Last Screenshot Fuel.png

Mapping the Fuel Consumed (CAN data):

In order to get fuel consumption values displayed on the report, map the input from where the fuel consumed is obtained (depending on the device brand and model, this input could be different from the image below), to the CAN300_FuelConsumed variable.

Utilize the device mapper to associate the CAN300_FuelConsumed signal with the CAN300_FuelConsumed variable.Screenshot 2024-03-28 at 12.24.15.png

Import the report

Use the import report feature, to import the following report:

Activate the report in an application

The report must be activated in an application before it can be used. Activate the report by following this guide.

Note: If you are looking to use a different name for the variable or different input data, you will need to modify the data provider accordingly. (Find out more about Customize-Data-Providers )