Device Mapper

This guide explains what is the Device Mapper and how to use it.

What is the Device Mapper

The main function of the Device Mapper is assigning the signals sent by the device to variables on GpsGate Server that will be use on event rules, reports and more. It is found on the Vehicle Tracker application under the Admin menu.


How it works

On one side we have a device that might be sending some signals like ignition, fuel level percentage… and on the other side we have GpsGate Server receiving all those signals. On the device mapper you select what variable relates to each signal that your device is sending.


The Device Input column displays signals that your device might be sending and the Variable column shows a drop down list for each signal with all the variables available. As it can be seen on the screen shot above, the name of the signal and the name of the variable might be different but the ones that you will use on Event Rules and Reports on GpsGate Server are the variable names.

Here is an example of using the GpsGate Server variables on the Event Rules:


Not every signal displayed on the device mapper has to be mapped to a variable, only those ones that you are using on GpsGate Server. You can check what variables are being sent by your device and are already mapped on the Status window of the Vehicle Tracker application.

status tab

You also can display those values by adding them on the top right corner menu of the Track points List window.


Different Device Mappers

There are different device mappers depending on the device type. If you are on your Vehicle Tracker Application and navigate to Admin menu/DeviceMappers you will see several device mappers. Different devices communicate in a different way with GpsGate Server so for every device brand and every device type, you will need a different device mapper.

If you want to know what device mapper you are using for an specific device then right click on it on the Vehicles list and select Overview. The section 2 called “Devices” should display the device mapper that it is being used for that specific device. If you want to change it you can do it right clicking the device on the Vehicles list and selecting Edit User.



The design of the Device Mapper is easy to understand and use.


You can see highlighted in green on top of the list the signals and variables that are already mapped, whenever you map a new one it will be placed on that part listed alphabetically

Advanced usage

If you don´t find the variables you need on GpsGate Server you can add your custom variables.

The Multiplicator and Constant columns allow you to modify the value of the variable by multiplying and/or adding and specific quantity to the original value from signal. If you leave the default values on those colums the original signal will not be changed when assigned to the variable.

There is also available a feature called “Device Scripting” that you can use to create more complex mappings. Learn more about it here:

Remember that you can always check the terminal data either on the Vehicle Tracker application right clicking on a device and selecting Terminal or login to SiteAdmin and navigating to System Tools tab.


There you will be able to see the message sent by the device with all its signals on blue, and the GpsGate Server variables on the Report section in green. Lear more about the Terminal here