Device Mapper

The main function of the Device Mapper is assigning device inputs to variables. These variables are used on screen, event rules, reports and more.

Using the device mapper

1. Access the Device Mapper by logging into your Vehicle Tracker application and selecting Admin > Device Mappers.

Note: to be able to use the device mapper you need the privilege in your application _EditDeviceMapper.

Read more about how to access Privileges and Features guide.

2. Select your device model.

You'll see Setup and Mappings options on the left-hand side of the window.
From Mappings, you will find Device input, and to the right, Variables.

  • Input: the device sends individual signals through each input.
  • Variable: a field where to store the input data to be used in GpsGate. You can select any variable or even create your own variable name.

Additional notes

Once the device mapper has been assigned, the mapping is permanent. Reprocessing tracks won't change the values stored in the variables.