How to use the Fleet App

This smartphone application offers features such as push notifications, a user-friendly map interface, efficient vehicle search capabilities, and comprehensive event views. With GpsGate Fleet, accessing crucial information is quick and hassle-free.

Explore the spectrum of functionality in our guide on how to make the most out of the Fleet app.


Finding your unit

  • Tap on the group of vehicles to zoom in on that specific area for a close-up.


  • Find your unit under the Vehicles tab(accessed by clicking the car icon)
  • Search for the vehicle's name in the search bar on the units



Change the View:

  • Click on the top left corner hamburger Menu and tap on All. 
  • The view can be selected and the map and vehicle panel will display the assigned vehicles. Read more about Views.

IMG_6358.jpg IMG_6363.jpg

  • By choosing Devices, the tab will display only the Vehicles from the Fleet.



Getting a vehicle's info

1. Search for the vehicle name using any of the previous methods.

2. Touch the vehicle icon to retrieve more information about this unit.

(you will notice that the vehicle's information panel will show up at the bottom)


  • Swipe up to see more details about the device position and available variables.

Note: to see device variables, you need to map them first using the device mapper.

IMG_6356.PNG                      IMG_6357.PNG



  • Share location


This option enables live location sharing. You can share the generated link with a stakeholder.

Read more about location sharing.

  • Navigation


This option gives the possibility of navigating to the current vehicle's position using your phone's default navigation program (e.g. Maps on iOS or Google Maps on Android). 



  • To see specific vehicle related events only, tap on the vehicle's Events tab. Read more on event rules.

This selection will only show open events for that particular unit.


  • To see a count of all events instead, tap on the Events icon at the bottom-right of the screen.



  • The events are grouped by dates:


Note: greyed events are the ones already closed. Pending events are shown in bold.

  • Once inside that particular event, you can decide to close the event and add a comment. A comment will be registered on the server's side for that particular event.

Read more about closing events here.

IMG_6365.PNG    IMG_6369.PNG


  • To view your trips, search for your vehicle, and then tap on it.
  • Swipe up from the vehicle properties at the bottom to see more details about this unit.
  • Tap again on Draw all to view your trips on the map
  • Read how to see trip & idles here.


  • Once the trip is drawn on the map, you can drag the control bar forward or backward to browse through the trip and get more information about a particular moment. 
  • List icon display the information of the trip from the start until the end.

  IMG_6371.PNG     IMG_6380.PNG


You can send commands to your devices directly from the app.

To send commands, you need to have template commands set up for your server.

Read more about how to create template commands.



Geofences can be displayed in the app as well.

1. Select the layers option on the right of the screen.


2. Activate Show geofences option.


3. Select which geofence groups you want to display on the map.


Read more about geofence groups here.

Variables selection

Since Jan 2023 release, it is possible to select which variables you want to display in the Fleet app.

1. Select the drop-down menu


2. Select Custom order


3. Enable which inputs you want to display. 

You can tap-hold-release to arrange the desired order:


4. Go back to see the changes.