Localize the Fleet app with your language

This article describes how to change the language and localization settings of the Fleet app.

Localization steps

1. If you don't have your language installed on your server and enabled in your applications, follow the guide on how to install and enable a language.

2. Set the language settings per user.

3. Log in to the Fleet app to see the changes applied.

Adding translations to the Fleet app

If the Fleet app interface is not yet available in your language, you can add the translation keys by yourself.

1. Use the localization feature.

2. Add the keys under the Fleet app module.



I changed the language, but I don't see the changes applied

1. Log out from the mobile application by selecting Settings > Logout.

2. Now log back into the application with the right user.

I logged out and in again, but I don't see the changes applied

Some cache may remain in your mobile app after the changes have been applied.

Try force-quitting the application and then open it again.