Maintenance - Using the Mobile App

Imagine this: technicians effortlessly mark completed tasks, capture clear pictures of vehicles and performed repairs, and identify potential issues – all with a tap on their smartphones. 

That's the power of our mobile maintenance app!

Settings before using the Mobile App:

Next Steps

Privileges for Technicians / Operators


Complete the service

Mark the Task as Not completed 

Privileges for Technicians / Operators: 

The Technicians should have the role: _MaintenanceTechnician. This role will restrict access to:

To show the vehicle data to the technician, enable _ReadData for the vehicle Tags.

Example: enabling _ReadData - Show on map;  will allow the technician to view all the vehicles from the application that are part of this tag:

Allow other users' roles to have access to specific actions within the Maintenance by enabling the privileges on the role.


  • Open the application and add the URL of your platform. 
  • Login with the credentials
  • The first page will display the services in four categories: 

1. OngoingThese are tasks that are currently being worked on and have not yet been completed.

2. OverdueThese are tasks that have missed their due date and need to be addressed 

3. Due: These are tasks that are scheduled to start on a specific date and time.

4. Submitted These are tasks that have been created in the system but have not yet been submitted to the Fleet maintenance manager.

The services that are submitted are visible in the web application under services and once closed by the manager, under Logs.


  • The vehicles page lists all the assets requiring Maintenance 



Complete the service:

  1. Press on the service                                              2. Select the Task 

IMG_9308.jpg         IMG_9310.jpg

3. Press on any resource for editing the amount and price if required.


4. Fill in the note and take pictures of the work done. The task can be marked as completed.


5. The next page will be back to the list of tasks, where the completed one has the green mark. The not started are in gray. 


Despite not completing all tasks, the service can still be submitted. It will be located in the Submitted Category of the maintenance window, and the remaining Tasks can be filled out from there, following the same process as in the previous example. 


Mark the Task as Not completed :

  1. Open the service
  2. Click on the task 
  3. Press not completed button 

The Task will be marked in the service with a cross, signifying that the task has not been done. 

IMG_9320.jpg                   IMG_9326.jpg

 The service needs to be Closed to be displayed in the Logs. Once the service is closed, it will disappear from the Mobile app.