Maintenance - Services in Dashboard

The Maintenance window gives a comprehensive overview of due and upcoming maintenance tasks, their progress, and maintenance technician assignments. With real-time updates and notifications, it streamlines operations, enhances efficiency, and reduces downtime.

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Previous Steps

1. Maintenance setup

2. Preventive or Corrective maintenance services

Next steps

Viewing upcoming and due services

Filtering services

Updating services

Closing services 

Creating corrective service from task

Viewing upcoming and due services

The services are visible in the Maintenance window. 

Columns can be added or removed, by right clicking on the header column

Due: When the service is due

Progress: Progress on completion of tasks within a service. 

   Grey background: Service not started

   Light blue background: Service Started

   Green Background: Tasks in service completed or service submitted by the technician.

Vehicle: Shows Vehicle name

Type: Preventive or Corrective service type

Service: Name of the service

User: The maintenance technician that started the tasks in the service. 

Filtering services

The visible services can be filtered to include only the vehicles that are in a view. Different Users can then be assigned different vehicle views within an application.

Additionally filters are available in the maintenance window based on Period, Vehicles and Service type. 

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Updating services

Services can be updated within the Maintenance window similar to how it is done on the GpsGate Maintenance App.

1. Click on a service to open the service tasks

2. The Service date and the odometer value can be entered manually or the latest value can be obtained. Additionally any notes can be added as required. 

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3. The tasks show the task description and the required resources for the tasks.

 The task can then be updated:

  •  The actual hours/items spent.
  • The total cost can be changed from the default value if the Editing of cost is enabled. Click on the Calculator symbol, if the actual hours/items spent are changed and new cost should be calculated based on the change and the default cost per resource value. 

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  • The technician can add images directly from the mobile app or add them by choosing 'Add image' and uploading task related pictures. 
  • The task status can be set to 'Not started', 'Not completed' or 'Completed'.


4. Once all the tasks are addressed, the service can be marked as closed.

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5. The completed service can then be viewed in the Maintenance Logs.

Closing services 

If a technician has used the Mobile app to submit a completed service, the Fleet manager needs to close the service after reviewing it. The submitted services are shown in green colour in the 'Progress' column along with tick mark. Screenshot 2024-02-14 at 15.37.54.png


Creating corrective service from task

Once all the tasks of a service are addressed, it is possible to create a corrective service from any of the tasks. Screenshot 2024-02-14 at 15.48.12.png