Maintenance - Add Preventive schedules

To start using Maintenance you need to create your first maintenance schedules.

Previous steps

1. Maintenance setup.

2. Link the setup on the server with the Maintenance smartphone app.

Adding Schedules

The first step is to add Schedules to the system. 

1. Click on Preventive service schedule


2. Click on + Service Schedule


3. Enter a name for the service schedule (e.g. Annual check)


4. Click on Tasks on the left, and select + Task to add a new task.

Tasks are the necessary steps required for the schedule to be completed later on by the maintenance technician.


5. Create the first task for this schedule.

You can also add Resources in this step too.


Repeat the tasks' step until you add all necessary tasks for this schedule:


6. Click on the left, on Schedule, then choose what will trigger this schedule. You have two options: Odometer or Interval.

  • Odometer: it will trigger the event when X number of distance has passed since last.

Make sure you have an Odometer configured in your vehicle before using this option.

  • Custom accumulators (optional): if you have custom accumulators configured in your application, these could also be a trigger for your Maintenance events.
  • Interval: it will trigger the event when Y number of months has passed since last check.




In this example, we want both options, meaning whichever is true first, will trigger the schedule event.

  • Frequency: the frequency of the schedule to be triggered.
  • Notice: distance/time for the schedule to be considered as due prior to the value set in Frequency.

7. Click on Assign on the left, and select the vehicle/s affected by this scheduled,

then click on Assign > button.


8. Go to Next service menu.Screenshot 2024-02-14 at 16.20.25.png 

  • Name: Name of asset
  • Next service date: the date when the vehicle is planned to be serviced
  • Next service odometer value: the KM/Miles when the vehicle will be serviced next.
  • Issues: If Odometer is not configured, there will be a warning sign, on hovering over it, the warning is described further
  • Actions: Click on to unassign vehicle from the service

9. Click on Save.

Your schedule is now created. You can add more maintenance schedules according to your needs and check the planned service schedules in the maintenance window. You can also create Corrective maintenance services.