Maintenance - Add Corrective service

Flat tires and cracked windshields aren't scheduled, so we've rolled out corrective maintenance. Fleet managers use this new maintenance tool to track vehicle damages and service requirements as they happen.

To start using Maintenance you need to create your first maintenance schedules.

Previous steps

1. Maintenance setup.

2. Link the setup on the server with the Maintenance smartphone app.

Adding Corrective Service

1. Click on + Corrective Service

2.  Add the Name for the service, along with a Description if required.

3. Select the Vehicles that need the service

4. Set a Due date and Notice

Notice: Number of days before "Due date" when the service is visible in the upcoming maintenance list. 

5. Update the possibility to edit a closed service as required

6. Switch to 'Tasks' to start adding tasks. Click on + Task to start adding tasks

7. Add the required tasks and the related resources to the service

8. Once all the tasks have been added, choose to Save

Your corrective service is now added. You can add more Corrective services or Preventive maintenance schedules according to your needs or view the upcoming services in the Maintenance window.