Connecting devices to GpsGate

This guide explains how to connect devices to GpsGate for the first time.

Add your devices in 3 Steps

1. Install the device plugin from Site Admin > Plugins

  • Check if your device is compatible with GpsGate here.
  • When you've found your device, click for the device details and you'll find a forum link where you can find specific setup instructions and help from the community.  


2. Configure your device to report to the GpsGate server IP and correspondent port of the device plugin.

You typically do this by connecting your device to a computer with a configuration tool or by sending SMS commands from your mobile phone or even from your GpsGate server.


You can see which IP and port you have to configure your device to in Site Admin > Devices.


  • GpsGate does not provide you with commands or configuration software for your devices. 
  • We recommend verifying your device documentation or checking with your device support for the right command to configure your devices to point to your newly installed GpsGate server's IP and port. 

3. Link your device with a user. You have two different methods.