Export-Import Geofences

This guide explains how to export and import geofences. This method is valid for exporting-importing geofences groups into different applications.

Read more about how to manage geofences here


Make sure your application has the following Privileges and Features enabled in your application: 

  • Admin > _ImportTemplate
  • Geofences > _EditGeofenceTags

Export your Geofences

1. Go to the Geofence tab (Windows > Geofence menu)

2. Select the Group you want to export and right-click on it and select Export Group


3. An XML file will be saved in your default download folder for later use:

Import your Geofences

1. Inside the application go to Admin > Import Template.


2. Select the file you want to import

You will see this message:


3. Refresh the browser

Your geofences should appear now under the Geofences tab.