Data forward

The DataForward plugin can be used to forward the unmodified data sent from a device to one or many other servers. For example, a GpsGate Server setup for testing that needs some real-world data. Or some other tracking system.

In this way, you can use one GpsGate Server as a data switch. Selected sets of device data are forwarded to selected servers.


1. Log in to Site Admin
2. Go to Plugins > Get More Plugins.
3. Install DataForward

Setup server addresses

1. Log in to Site Admin > Service > Data Forward (left menu)
2. Click on Add Server.
3. Enter a

  • name,
  • IP of the receiving server
  • port number for our device manufacturer (found in SiteAdmin > Devices > Listeners).
  • protocol for your device manufacturer (found in SiteAdmin > Devices > Listeners, for the port used)

4. Save.


You can add any number of servers. In the next step, we explain how you direct which devices to which servers.


Activate in applications

1. Log in to Site Admin > Applications > Click on the application you want to add Data Forward to.

2. Select _DataForward under Privileges and Features

3. Select the Servers you want enabled for this application under _DataForward

4. Scroll down and press Save.

5. Log in to the application.

6. Select Admin > Roles menu.

7. Click on Create Copy next to _Unit


8. On step 1. Details, enter a name e.g. Data Forward to MyServer. Click Next

9. On step 2. Privileges, select _DataForward and the forward service you want to enable.


10. On step 3. Users, select the users/units you want to forward to the service

It is recommended testing with one first.

11. Save.

Now data from devices in this Role will be forwarded to your external server. Data is forwarded in unmodified form.

Adding devices in the destination server

You need to create users with the correct Device ID/IMEI number in the application where the data is forwarded to. You can do this using different methods:


  • By exporting a list of users from your source application using this report and importing in the destination application such users using the import user feature. Read how to import a report in an application here.


You can find statistics on data forward in:

1. Site Admin > System ToolsProfiler
2. Select the category DataForward


Additional notes

  • Data Forward is UDP only (there is no TCP support), due to the nature of this protocol, there's no guarantee the data will ever each the other server.
  • We cannot guarantee that all data will reach the other server and even if it does, it doesn't mean the data will be saved: some device reports might be omitted if they don't bring any value. An example of this would be that server 1 has an event rule that is triggered by a device report, this point will be saved so that we have the data needed later on. If the server 2 doesn't have that exact same event rule, then that message might be omitted since it doesn't bring any value.
  • There are other reasons that will determine if a track point/message is saved.