How to localize your reports into different languages

This guide shows how to change the language of a report (localize it) in the language of your choice.

Read how to use the localization editor

Steps to localize your report

1. Enable the language of your choice in your application properties.

2. Log in to your application and select the language from Admin > Localization

3. Select the language you want to translate your report into (e.g. Spanish)


4. Select + New key


  • In our example, we want to translate the word Start Time (from English) to Tiempo Inicio (into Spanish)


5. Insert the keyword you want to translate and select which report will apply.


6. Click Save.

7. Repeat from steps 4 > 6 until you translate all the desired words in your report.

Note: only fixed words in the report layout can be localized, not variables.

Testing your translations

1. Select a user that is going to use the language of your report.

2. Make sure this user has selected the language in its properties.

mceclip0.png mceclip1.png

3. Open the report