Customize your reports with a logo

It is possible to add your company logo to your reports. The inserted logo can be shown in HTML or PDF formats.

Note: Only PNG and JPG files are supported for the PDF reports. 


1. Apply branding to your application as shown in this guide, or upload your image to an image hosting service like Postimages.

2. Make a copy of the report you want to apply the logo.

3. Insert a row above/before the area where you want to add the logo (right-click on the gray area on the left and select Insert row above/before).

4. Copy the URL of the image.

If you use Branding in your application, you can copy the logo URL directly from the browser:


If you use an image-hosting provider, copy the URL generated by the service.

5. Click inside the cell, and paste the link of the image in the following HTML format:


Note: Keep the format as in the example above. No other HTML properties in the link are necessary.

6. Right-click on the cell Options → Contains HTML: 


7. Save the report.

8. Activate your report in your application

As a result, you will see the logo in the report.