How to change the default grouping from a report

All our standard reports, have different grouping values focused on the information the report presents. In some cases you want to change this default grouping to another value, or simply remove the grouping.

Note: only one grouping choice in the report layout is possible.

How to change the default grouping

1. Make a copy of the report.

2. Edit the report and right-click on any of the pink areas of the report where the default grouping is set.


3. Select the user field you want the report be grouped for (e.g. use [Username] if you want to use the Vehicle Name to group the report by this field).

Note: All available user fields are listed when you right-click on a cell and select the Insert field option.


4. Click on OK.

Tip: click on Preview button in the editor, below, to see how the new change will look like.

5. Save the report.

6. Activate your new report in your application.