How to add POI Custom Fields to the TS1010 report

This article describes how to add POI custom fields to the TS1010 report. 



1. Configure the TS1010 report as described in this guide.

2. The custom field, in the example below, is Customer


To pass the custom field value, it is necessary to create a third report argument to the POI event rule.

As in this example:

3. Save the event rule.

4. Make a copy of the TS1010 report.

5. In the report, add a new column.

This new column will receive the third report argument parameter, so it should be like this:
Column header: $EventArgumentName(2, [EventRuleID])
Cell content: $CustomField([EventArgument02],[Customer],[POI])

5. Save the report
6. Activate the report in your application.

You can add additional columns passing more parameters from the event rule to the report.