Assigning vehicle views to different users in an application

This guide shows how to set up an application to separate views of vehicles to different user roles.


For this example we have a company called ABC fleet which has two regions:

  • Region A has a user called Operator A who is in charge of controlling motorcycles inside the organization.
  • Region B has a user called Operator B who is in charge of controlling the truck fleet.
  • The admin user will have visibility over the whole fleet (motorcycles and trucks).


Working with Tags, Views and Roles

To make this scenario possible, we need to do the following:

1. Create your tags for your group of vehicles. 

2. Create views for specific tags

3. Create custom roles for each user

1. Create your tags for your group of vehicles

It is very important to keep your fleet organized in tags.

Read more about tags here.

To create new tags go to Admin > Tags

Include all the vehicles of the same category into your new tag.


2. Create views for specific tags

Once you have your new tag created (Motorbikes), now is turn to make a view that will have visibility only to the vehicles included into this tag.

To create a new view go to Admin > Views.

Read more about views here.


3. Create roles for specific users

Once your tags and views are ready to be used, now is turn to assign each view to specific user. 

To do that we will use rolesRead more about roles here.

By assigning views to specific role of users, you allow each operator (Operator A / Operator B) to have visibility over a specific view (remember that Operator A will look after motorcycles and Operator B over trucks).

To have specific roles for each user, we need to create custom roles. Go to Admin > Roles.  

Duplicate the default role _Operator (modifying a default role is not recommended) and create one for the motorcycle and another for the trucks.


Select the view you want the user have access to


Finally, select the user, and save the new role.


Note: remove the Operator A from the default _Operators role to avoid conflict with multiple roles.

Repeat the same steps for the trucks and for the Operator B.


Admin view


Operator A view (Motorbikes)


Operator B view (Trucks)