Maintenance - Resources in Dashboard

You can see all resources needed for upcoming maintenance tasks - parts, tools, personnel - laid out clearly, weeks in advance. No more scrambling at the last minute!

View planned resources

View Historic resources in Logs

Manage resources dashboard

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View planned resources

Planned Resources are linked with Preventive and Corrective Services. The resources used in those tasks are presented in the Dashboard under the button Resources.

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Select a specific period or day to view the names of required resources, their needed quantities, and the calculated total vehicle maintenance cost for that timeframe.

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To see a list of upcoming services and the associated vehicles, press the "Services" button. Explore the Services Dashboard for further details about each service.

Screenshot 2024-02-09 at 13.13.33.pngOrganize the Resources panels: 

Choose which resources you wish to view and customize their presentation order.

1. From the Dashboard window, select resources and click on the Dashboard Settings button

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2. In this window tick the boxes for desired resources; untick for unwanted ones.

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The order of the resources can be changed by drag and drop the items in this panel. 

3. Save the workspace for this change to be permanent. You can always come back to this setting and change your options. 

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