Teltonika - how to connect (basic configuration)

This guide shows how to make a basic configuration of a Teltonika device to connect it to the GpsGate platform. 


  • Teltonika configurator (some Teltonika models have available their configurators in Teltonika's website).
  • Teltonika device latest firmware.
  • Teltonika device connected to your computer via USB cable.

Ask your Teltonika representative to get the latest version of the device's firmware and configuration tool.


1. Open the Teltonika configurator.

2. Select your device model from the list.

3. Select the section GPRS in the configurator tool.

4. Enter the following details:

  • APN: the APN server of your SIM card provider (ask your SIM provider for more details).
  • Domain: the IP address or DNS name of your GpsGate server.
  • Protocol: select TCP.
  • Port: use the default, 12050.
  • Records Settings: select Oldest (this feature allows sending messages in time order).


5. Save the configuration to the device.

Congratulations! You've now configured a Teltonika device to work with GpsGate.

6. Follow these steps to add the device as a user in the platform.

For a more advanced and detailed configuration, check Teltonika documentation or contact your Teltonika representative for more help.