Fuel theft solution with Smart Fuel Cap from Trak

In times of high fuel prices, it's especially important for fleets to monitor fuel usage. Trak's Smart Fuel Cap can take it a step further to help prevent theft from commercial fleet vehicles, construction equipment, and other fleet vehicles.

Once connected to GpsGate's platform, you can receive real-time alerts for tamper detection and opening of the vehicle's fuel cap.

Prerequisites to using Trak Smart Fuel Cap on GpsGate

You have a GpsGate installation with GPS tracking devices connected. You'll want to verify that:
- Your platform is updated with the latest plugins relevant to your device
- Your device has firmware with harsh driving support
- The device is mounted according to recommendations from your device manufacturer

Device setup with Trak's guide

The team at Trak created this how-to guide to configure Smart Fuel Cap on GpsGate's platform. See the attachment below for a detailed guide of the following steps:

1. Create a new device mapper
2. Configure and check Smart Fuel Cap's status
3. Create an event when fuel cap is opened
4. Create an event for tamper detection
5. Use a Trak Smart Fuel Cap Report