Globalstar Axonn SmartOne, MMT, SPOT and AxTracker setup

How to install

1. Log in to Site Admin
2. Go to Plugins
3. Go to Download and install the Axonn plugin.

Axonn sends back data over the Globalstar satellite network, it does not use mobile networks like GSM or CDMA. This means it can be used anywhere outdoors.

To install it, follow these steps: (skip steps 1 and 2 if you have a hosted server)

1. Go to the Site Admin -> Device -> Listener. Make sure the Axonn listeners are started for HTTP.

2. Open port 8008 for TCP traffic in your firewall and direct the traffic to the server you installed GpsGate Server on.

3. Ask your provider to send data to http://yourserver:8008/Axonn/Data

How to add a vehicle and how to add a tracker to a vehicle.

1. Log in to your application.
2. Click Device to add a new device.
3. Select Device Type to Axonn...
7. Fill in the ESN of the tracker.
8. Click Save.

FTP Transfer Setup

The following method is for on-premise installations. For hosted servers, contact support.

If you use an FTP transfer setup, where the Globalstar / SmartONE gateway transfers messages using FTP to your server, please use the following guidelines:

1. Install the Axonn plugin.

2. Create the folder C:\GpsGateServer\AxonnFTP on your Windows Server

3. Configure your FTP server to receive files from the Globalstar gateway to this folder.

4. Execute the following SQL queries:

DELETE FROM outgoing_web_service WHERE namespace = 'Axonn.File';

INSERT INTO outgoing_web_service (namespace, url, call_interval)
VALUES ('Axonn.File', 'C:\\GpsGateServer\\AxonnFTP', 60);

5. Stop / Start the Service under Site Admin > Service.


Read this for further device troubleshooting.

Read how to use the Terminal, to monitor data communication between tracker and server.

If you can see data coming in from the GPS tracker in the Terminal, but you still don't get a position on the map, you can send the Terminal output to support.