Teltonika DualCam setup


  • Only Teltonika FMB125, FMU125, FMC125, FMC225, FMC650 supports Dual Cam.
  • The latest Teltonika plugin installed in GpsGate.
  • The latest Teltonika firmware for your tracker and camera (contact Teltonika's Telematics support for more information to obtain the necessary firmware updates).
  • Port TCP 12051 open in your firewall (the device needs to be configured to send the pictures to this port). Only the Dual Cam pictures should go to this port. The device's tracking data should go to port TCP/UDP 12050.


1. Using the latest available Configurator software, configure your device to report to the GpsGate server. Tracking data should go to port 12050 TCP.


2. Enable DualCam by enabling the RS232/485 option, and configure DualCam to report to port TCP 12051.

If you need extra help with your device, contact Teltonika's support for additional information how to configure your device.


3. Configure Camera plugin.

4. Create Template Commands with these commands. 

  • camreq:1,1 (for front camera)
  • camreq:1,2 (for rear camera)
  • camreq:1,3 (for both cameras)

You can also use the Terminal to send them if you want to test it first.  

5. Setup the Command panel to be able to execute the command directly from the GUI.

Additional notes