Camera FTP integration

Following this guide, you will be able to import pictures into Camera plugin using FTP protocol.


1. Go to SiteAdmin > Plugins
2. Make sure the Camera plugin is installed.
3. Go to SiteAdmin > Service > Providers
4. Select CameraFtpProvider from Add New Provider drop-down list.
5. Fill the Name, Url, Username, and Password fields. (The Url should start with ftp:// prefix)

6. Click Save button
7. Click Start link for the provider you have just set up.

File format

  • The provider periodically checks the FTP account and downloads pictures.
  • The successfully downloaded pictures gets deleted from the FTP account.
  • The information about the picture must be encoded in the filename as shown below:
    Example: 123456789012345-24052016-191215.00-4910.9588-N-12254.6560-W-IMAGE001.JPG
    Note that a vehicle can't have two different pictures with the same timestamp.