Camera plugin

With the camera plugin, you can take pictures using a camera attached to a device. ​This adds an extra layer of security to your fleet. For example, you can take pictures after certain events in an automated way using Event Rules.

Currently supported devices

  • Teltonika DualCam
  • Teltonika FMB630/FM6320/FMC650
  • Queclink GV300/W
  • ATrack AK1, AK7, AT1Pro, AT5, AU5, AU7, AY5.
  • Meitrack MVT600, T1, T333
  • TZone AVL09


1. Login to Site Admin > PluginsGet More Plugins.
2. Download and install Camera plugin.
3. Enable the plugin by accessing your application privileges and pluginsCamera.

How to use

The Camera column is now available in the vehicle list indicating the status of pictures for devices:

  • Green icon: new picture available.
  • Gray icon: picture available
  • Faded icon: no picture available

You can access the overview of pictures for a selected vehicle by clicking on the status icon in Camera column, or clicking “Show pictures” in the context menu.


In the overview window, you can filter the pictures by date using the calendar control in the left upper corner, as shown below:


  • All dates that have pictures are highlighted with a green background inside the calendar. After selecting a date, you can see the thumbnail(s) of any pictures taken on the specified date.
    • Images are saved using UTC time.
  • You can also see camera markers on the map for thumbnails that have a position available.
  • You can open a high-resolution version of the picture by clicking the magnifier icon of the thumbnail picture:


Taking a picture

You can use the Take Picture command in the context menu of the vehicle list.


After taking the picture, you will see this confirmation message:


Additional info

  • You can use the Command Panel to see pending/executed commands.