How to update your beta apps in iOS and Android

If you are using the GpsGate Fleet apps (beta), you'll need to update them on a regular basis. We will push updates and fixes to beta first. 

Get the BETA apps

Updating BETA apps


This procedure has been tested using Android version 9. 

1. Open the Google Play Store


2. Tap on the "list" icon at the top-left menu of the screen

3. Select My apps & games

4. Make sure all your apps are up-to-date by tapping on the "refresh" button.

5. If there are updates, you'll see the Update buttons.


If you want to avoid the manual update process, we recommend having enabled the option Auto-update apps option. 

1. Open the Google Play Store app

2. Select Settings > Auto-update apps

3. Choose an option of your preference.


The following procedure has been tested using iOS 12. 

TestFlight should push notifications when there are new updates to download. You can also manually check and download updates as below.

1. Open TestFlight app 


2. Tap and hold, then drag down the screen to refresh the items.

3. If there are new updates, you'll see the Update button.

TestFlight updates notification

iOS TestFlight has the option to notify you on any new update.

Make sure you have enabled this program in the Notification settings.

1. Open Settings

2. Select TestFlight

3. Enable the notifications of your preference.

Additional notes

  • GpsGate Fleet App works on supported Android and iOS versions. Check inside the app description details for more information about minimum requirements.