Advanced Device Types options

If you are in Site Admin > Devices > Types and select a device, you will find some options (Meta Fields) that are available to certain devices brands and models.

In this article, we describe some of the options available on this screen.

Note: some options are only available for specific device brands and models.

Option Description External link (if applicable)
Allow replacing OneWire Sensor ID allow replacing existing and unused OneWire ID with another one.  
Convert_to_GCJ02 Adjust lat/lon coordinates to China location offsets. link
Keep valid position on heart beat Applicable for Concox devices. Keeps repeating last position when the device sends Heartbeat messages.  
Save emulated first message of day Determines how records are handled for new tracks.
When this property is 'False' (default): Always save the first occurrence of a record in a new track regardless if it's changed or not.
When this property is 'True': All latest known values will be saved for the first message (received wise, not necessarily message time wise) in track regardless if the records where included in the device message or not.
This option is NOT recommended if the device sends unordered data.
Time Zone Use this option if the device sends data with localized TimeStamp and not UTC.  

How to use it

1. Enable the desired option in SiteAdmin > Devices > Types > (your selected device)

2. Save the Device Type.

3. You can select this device type in your vehicles in your application. You can read more about using new device types here.